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At The Oxford Comma we tell your story

We listen and identify what you want to say, then work with you to say it – clearly and simply.

Universities, government agencies, and large and small businesses have found that we solve their communication issues, quickly and effectively.

We’ve helped them plan communication strategies for events, announcements, launches and crises.

We write, plan and produce reports, websites, speeches, scripts and media statements that explain complex ideas and attract attention.

We can also suggest how a package of writing and communication services with consistent tone, style and voice can save you time and maximise the value of your investment.

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Why The Oxford Comma?

An Oxford (or serial) comma is a comma placed before an 'and' to clarify the meaning of a sentence. Without the Oxford comma, the meaning can change or at least be questioned.

At The Oxford Comma we use punctuation, grammar and as many tools as we need to develop content that’s clear, simple and easily understood by the people for whom it’s intended.

Joe travelled to the grand final with his wife, a Crows fan and a drug addict.

Joe travelled to the grand final with his wife, a Crows fan, and a drug addict.

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